Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Proposal?

So I'm getting ready this morning, making myself beautiful for countless more hours of professional development before the school year actually begins when, on Channel 13, I hear something about "The Bachelor", and a promised "shocking conclusion". *gasp*

Mind you, I do not watch "The Bachelor" because I believe it to be a complete waste of time, not to mention just a bunch of grasping young woman who are either a) totally naive and believe they will fall in love in a mere couple of months, or b) hookers. Just my opinion.

However, I found my ears pricking up a little at the story because what could actually be more shocking or scandalous than what is generally on the show? Apparently--hang on to your hats, people--THE BACHELOR MIGHT NOT PROPOSE! Is this really that shocking? I know that he's supposed to follow through with a proposal according to his contract, but don't the vast majority of these couplings not end up working out anyway? Why is it a bad thing that he could possibly want to date a little longer? When did it become the thing to rush into something like marriage? And how is this show even still on??

Well, thinking about the bachelor's promised non-proposal led me to think about my own proposal, and that made me smile because Joe really did it well. He kept it relatively private (just the two of us at the top of the Ferris wheel). He set the stage (rushing me--a bit conspicuously, maybe--to said Ferris wheel before we could even order food). He told me he loved me (that part went much faster than I had envisioned). He put the ring on my finger (I snatched it out of the box before he could lift it out himself, and slid it on so I could watch the light beam off of it). We were ready.

The point, you ask? Good question. The bachelor sucks, and my hubs rocks.

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