Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So Halloween is a bust for us this year. We were hoping something would turn up, but nobody said anything. Until yesterday. Our friend, H---, sent us an evite to a Halloween party. I was elated, then quickly deflated.
Who would burst my bubble this way, you ask? Those of you who know me know it was Joe.
Let me back up a little. H--- sent the evite. It was a Halloween party. Yay! I thought. I love--absolutely love--Halloween!! Let's face it...I've always longed to have a husband I could dress up with in coordinating clever little outfits. Who could ever forget us as Juno and Bleeker? I know I can't.
How short are those shorts?!
I read the invitation. An 80's themed party! I knew just what to do....

I immediately told Joe my idea. It would be super cheap to pull off, and classic! I mentally went through our list in order to make his costume happen:

1) button down shirt--check!
2) athletic tube socks-- check! (sadly, he wears these anyway)

3) tighty whities--- er...um...ugh....what?!

Oh yes, Joe. Oh yes.

And I had visions of myself looking like this:

except my boobs didn't look like that. And I don't have bangs. Or straight hair. And I'd have to buy that little suity/sweater thingy.

Joe said absolutely not. He was not going to some party in front of strangers with no pants on. I pouted. I cajoled. I told him I'd settle for him as Ferris Bueller and I could be his bitchy sister, formerly played by pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey. Again, nixed.

So we are staying in on Halloween. All because Joe is afraid of judgement and censure. I say OWN IT! Flaunt those delicious gams, baby!

Or are ya chicken?

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