Saturday, January 1, 2011

This New Year...

I have a student name by the name of "Nguyen" who is, quite frankly, pretty awesome. One of those kids who is focused, well-rounded, and is respected and well-liked by all of her teachers as well as peers. At the beginning of the year, each student had to do a project in which they identified their personal theme, or motto. Hers was "In it to Nguyen it." How awesome is that?

I was relating this to some friends at a New Year's get together last night, when the hostess said, "I love that. I love mottos. Like mine, 'Go big or go home.' What would yours be?"

And that's when I realized (yet another) one of my flaws. I have never identified my own personal motto. I still can't. When confronted with the question I realized how quickly I had passed this assignment on to others, but had never deemed it worthy of my own personal consideration. And not because I don't think it worthy, but really because it is just too hard to commit myself to one motto. I just haven't figured it out.

So that's one of my resolutions this year. By the end of 2011 I will determine what my motto for life is. I'm not in a hurry, but I do want to give it some serious consideration.

As for the rest of my new year, I have reflected on what I need to accomplish for myself. I will resolve to do the following in order to be a better person, wife, a friend:

1) I will work out three times a week.
2) I will pick myself up and dust myself off EVERY TIME I NEED TO with as much humor and grace that I can possibly muster.
3) I will make time to write at least three times a week.
4) I will show Joe how much I love him on a daily basis (besides just telling him).
5) I will be more positive, and complain less. Let's face it, it's time to make the best of whatever bad circumstances I perceive, and make all efforts to move forward from them.

And ULTIMATELY I will figure out my personal motto.


  1. I like that one! I've always heard other motto's, and never taken the time to think about what mine would be either.

  2. What's a motto with you? Your blog is awesome! Makes me want to write!


    monica mars ooops! ;)I mean Monica B