Sunday, October 23, 2011

Okay, It's Been a While...

I wish I had some great excuse, but it's pretty much everybody's excuse--life gets in the way sometimes. Of course, when you're truly a blogger, life getting in the way is exactly what you need and want--it's merely more fodder for the self-deprecating humor I know my readers will love. It's just the making time part.

I've stumbled across some hard truths since I last updated. Apparently I'm not all that and a bag of chips. Evidently, I have some acid-tongued lurkers out there on the net. Not all of my readers are using their powers for good. Oh noooo. Some of them are are pretty hard hitters.

About three weeks ago I received a comment on my meatloaf posting. You know the one--I took a pathetic photo of my meatloaf with my pitiful Canon Powershot (hint, hint, Joe), and touted myself as a domestic goddess. Which, by the way, I totally am. Craptastic camera notwithstanding. I received the terribly honest comment that follows:

"Thank God you described that dish because it looks like something I wouldn't feed the cat... Then you said 'bacon...' "


I'll admit my confidence was shaken. I didn't quite know how to react except to rail against the injustice of not being loved by all. As always, though, I then found myself coming to the defense of my meatloaf. After all, just because someone wants to drink the Haterade, it doesn't have to ruin my dinner (in fact, nothing generally gets in the way of us enjoying dinner--we are people who like to eat). So I considered meatloaf's plight. It's not easy being unattractive on the outside, yet deliciously seasoned and substantial on in inside. I thought about it a good long while, and I came to the following conclusions:

1) Maybe my meatloaf isn't all that photogenic. I mean, it happens. Sometimes things just look better in person.
2) Maybe it was having a bad day....though, as I remember it, it was delicious!
3) Maybe you all just didn't get to see it's best side...I mean, I waxed poetic over the bacon and chili sauce, but sometimes you just have to be there to appreciate it.
4) Maybe beauty is just in the eye of the beholder. I'm a proud mama that way, sometimes. I made it. And I loved it. I'm sure you can understand my tendency to tout the wonders of my creation.

But as I muse over all of this, it really comes down to the camera (Are you pickin' up what I'm throwin' down, Joe? I mean, birthday and Christmas are right around the corner....). And even though someone (who is regrettably not my biggest fan) thought my meatloaf looked like cat food (and not even good cat food at that), I have to say that in this household we believe it is so scrumptious we can only wish the camera added ten pounds....because then there would be more of it to love!