Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The latest craze for the cuckoo

So I have an obsession lately, and I thought I would share.
A match made in heaven...

It's watermelon.  That's right.  Scrumptious, delicious watermelon.  I can eat this whole thing in one sitting.  The only thing that prevents me from doing so is a small modicum of shame.  I'm sure that by evening time I will get over that and I'll eat the other half.

Yep, that's right...I have already eaten half of this today.  After I made a special trip to HEB for it because I was out.  Which was, apparently, a watermelon travesty.  I didn't realize until I found myself behind the steering wheel and out on the rain-slicked mean streets of the Mahatma Ghandi District (yeah, that's where I live.  It's on the street signs even though half of them are written in Korean.  Or they might be Vietnamese--I really don't know.) that watermelon travesties were even a thing.  But I have a lot of time on my hands, so I can make a big long production out of almost anything.

And that magical substance next to it?  Trechas Chili Powder.  A friend introduced me to it.  We then introduced it to a slice of watermelon, and forged a relationship that only the end of watermelon season will be able to break up.  And what a sad day that will be.  Joe, of course, thinks I'm gross because it's salty stuff on fruit, and "that's wrong."  It doesn't compute for Joe.  He just can't appreciate the beautiful complexity of this pairing.  Just like blueberries and pear slices in salad with blue cheese and basalmic vinaigrette.  Which is utter and complete madness, in my opinion.

Instead of holding this unfounded prejudice against him, I just make sure that I consider that fact when it's watermelon time in the McDonald household.  That means when I slice up the watermelon I sprinkle the Trechas liberally all over it.  This ensures that all of my precious watermelon remains mine.

That's right....All mine.

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