Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Biter kid is officially the piranha of his daycare room.  The first to get all eight front teeth in his first 9 months, he has been hurling himself at the kids in his classroom like a rabid little beast and snapping at them with his powerful jaws.  At least, that's what I envision.  It was bound to happen--he's been biting Joe and me for months now and no acceptable redirection or punishment seems to be yielding results.

In reality, he's done it three times in two weeks, and been the recipient of a vicious back biting which I can only assume at this point was well-deserved.  Maybe it's just a phase they're all going through?

And speaking of biting...I have been biting into way too much lately and as a result have decided to commit to trying to eat "primal" for a while and see if that shows me some positive results.  That means no gluten, grains, bread, or beans.  I'm on day three, and so far it's been okay.  I am stuck in a little bit of a rut with my breakfast and lunch, but I'm sticking with it with a lot of advice from Joe, who has been eating Primal for the past couple of years.

There have already been a couple of road bumps.  This morning I was planning on eating this delectable Pinterest find, but I forgot it.  Rather than drive to Einstein's for a bagel (which I'm salivating thinking about right now), I had a Lara Bar.  Which was yummy, but let's face it--it's no bagel with schmear.  At 2:00, when I felt the almost cosmic pull towards the vending machine and the Pop Tarts that are housed within it, I grudgingly pulled out my apple and a handful of nuts and told myself it would satisfy me.  And it almost did.

I have promised myself that if I feel great after two weeks and I'm seeing results, I will continue to do it through summer.  Between keeping myself from taking forbidden bites of bread, and my son from biting his playmates, it's turning out to be a somewhat rocky start  to the week.

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